Radio Submissions

Thank you so very much for considering my music for your playlist. I know that the format for WEXT is primarily roots rock, so I’m hoping there is something here that would be suitable.

These EPs were all released in 2023. To listen to the songs, click the play triangle icon. If you find songs you might want to put into rotation, click the cloud icon to download the file. If you need the EP cover art, click the thumbnail to see a large version.

The last EP “Farrago” is the odd duck in this collection. Instrumental, trippy – about as far removed from roots rock as you can get. Thought I would add it in case something caught your ear.

— Cheers, Mark
(518) 598-3164

* I believe “Crazy World” from My Life at the Circus is already in rotation on WEXT.


Top choices: Learning to Fly, Deliver Me, Oil Spill & Daffodils.
Runner up: Our Road.

Hermit Card

Top choices: 1989, Ballad of Billi Jo, Lazy Bones.
Runner up: Beautiful Girl.

My Life at the Circus

Top choices: Crazy World *, Glorious Ghosts, Dying Day.
Runner up: My Life at the Circus.


Top choices: Plenty of Tentacles, Axolotl’s New Leg, The Fragility of Necks.
Runner up: Sleepy Wombat.