My Life at the Circus

I slip and teeter like a man on a wire
It’s either forward or back the way I came
In the middle I am always getting tired
And in the end I’m falling just the same

Look over there, it’s a clown on the ground
He wears a mask doing tricks for laughs
Happy painted eyes over sad face
He takes a beating then he tips his hat

I can’t complain
My life a the circus has not been that bad
Consorting with freaks and acrobats
Are some of the best times I’ve had

It’s just sometimes I want a normal life
Sometimes, I’d like to disappear
Way up into the stratosphere
I want a normal life

I slip and teeter like a man on a wire
Down below me I don’t have a net
Faces in the crowd they seem to snicker and conspire
People in the shadows hedging bets


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I lived my youth recklessly and joyously and chemically and well… it was rather a circus. If the song were a bumper sticker, it would be on the same shelf as “Stop the world, I want to get off.” I keenly remember being so much a part of the circus that really all I wanted was to retire to whatever a ‘normal’ life was. Not sure if I’ve ever quite found that normal life. Honestly, sometimes I miss the circus.