Crazy World

In hindsight, it appears much of my music is about death, thinking about death, traveling (presumably away from death), and raising my children in a crazy world full of things like oil spills and daffodils. And death.

All songs written and performed by Mark Oppenneer unless otherwise noted.

Going Away
Started out as a tongue-in-cheek environmental song written in response to someone saying, “Hey, why haven’t you written an environmental song?” or something like that. Sadly, no longer tongue-in-cheek.

Premeditated Life
Mark Oppenneer: voice, lyrics, songwriting
Erik Huber: instruments, arrangement, production
Bruce Huber: cello & guitar

Oilspills & Daffodils
Mark Oppenneer: piano, keyboard, voice
Jayson Ramos: rap
Erik Rockom: guitar

Happy Guy
Written for my Mom who always thought my poetry and music were a little dark (which they are). Happy Guy is without a doubt the happiest piece of music I have ever written, replete with a whistle solo and a la-la part.