Glorious Ghosts

These old boards bow with time
As years go by, we fortify
We build, we break, we start again
We mend, we make, we settle in

We have tried to measure to true
and fallen short a time or two
We fix we fight, we remediate
We love hard what we create

And when our story has been told
When we finish growing old
We shall become x2
Such glorious ghosts x2


Empty rooms, the boys are grown
Now we have half a home
Same old house, but not the same
Same old house, but so much space

We can get an early start
Haunting is a lonely art
We’ll drift, we’ll soar, we’ll illuminate
We’ll fly, we’ll roar, we’ll celebrate


Written in 2021 during the Sad Songs Summer Camp at the Full Moon Resort in the Catskills. Hosted by The Milk Carton Kids. Wanted to write a love song that stretched beyond the lived life. Thought that the “we shall become such glorious ghosts” bit captured that nicely.