Deliver Me

You tried to tell me not to fly so high
I’d burn my wings in the bright sunlight
But I flew anyway
Boy, did I fall

You told me, hey you got to slow yourself
Speed ain’t good for your mental health
But I pushed that pedal down
And hit the wall

There’s a fierce humiliation
A fire beneath my feet
It’s got me running from myself
And I know I will be beat

Will you hold my hand
Teach me to walk again
Heal this broken boy
Into a healthy loving man

Will you please deliver me x2


I’m always walking too close to the edge
How many times you talked me off the ledge
You always catch me
When I fall

I know there may come a time
When I don’t have you by my side
I hope I have the strength
To stand tall

Chorus x2

Written in 1988 and 2022. I was very good at hooks when I was 17. Not so much the verses. Recently, I have enjoyed salvaging some songs from the way back and breathing new life into them by re-writing the verses. Hurray for revisionist history!