My wife says I have angry resting face. Nah…

I am a singer/songwriter and composer from Saratoga Springs, New York. My music comes in many flavors. There are the soulful piano and vocal songs that are confessional and comfortable like a cardigan (Fly, Hermit Card, My Life at the Circus). Then you have the orchestral and classical instrumentals which sit around drinking tea with their pinkies out (Bricoleur). And lastly, there are the trippy electronic psychedelic tunes that apparently involve random animals and space travel (Farrago, Pontiac Galactic!). So, yeah, hard to sum up. I mix elements of contemporary folk, gospel, blues, jazz, classical, electronic, psychedelic, new age, and swamp core (joking). My style is like the love child of Elton John, Liz Story, and Shpongle (not joking).

Mark no longer plays out (except for a rare visit to Caffe Lena’s open mic night).

His illustrious resume includes (in no particular order): ditch digger, camp counselor, house painter, conference keynote speaker, security guard, web developer, professional musician, festival organizer, pizza chef, graphic designer, mail room worker, bread baking instructor, English teacher, summer camp program director, cookbook editor, radio show host, National Guardsman, children’s performer, high school dropout, assistant cobbler, Army Infantry veteran, non-profit board member, storyteller, dishwasher, entertainment manager, researcher, and university IT director.

He has yet to become a bee keeper. Please get on him about that. He is somewhat of a slacker.